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Using ClassLink with Fathom Reads


You can connect your ClassLink account to Fathom Reads and sync your classes and roster information. To do so, follow the steps below!
NOTE: This process requires a ClassLink Admin account!

The ClassLink integration process is broken up into four major parts:

1. Add the Roster Server App to your ClassLink account.
2. Upload your Roster
3. Set up Sharing Rights
4. Sync your data

Adding Application to Classlink

Step 1: To add an application in the Roster Server, go to Apps and select Add Apps to search for an application or browse the list to find applications.

Screenshot of the overview process for ClassLink integration.

Step 2: By switching on the Show Development Apps toggle, you will see the applications that are flagged as development in the developer console. (Under the application name, you'll see a DEV label).

Screenshot of the overview process for ClassLink integration.

Step 3: Click the Add button to include the application for rostering.

Upload your Roster

Screenshot of the overview process for ClassLink integration.

1. From the Roster Server App click on Import Rosters.

2. Follow the on screen prompts to import your roster into ClassLink.

Note: If you need further assistance with this process, please contact your ClassLink rep or fill out their help request form here!

Set up Sharing Rules

Permissions on what can and cannot be shared between Fathom Reads and ClassLink are handled exclusively on ClassLink in the Permissions Dashboard. This is an extensive topic that offers extensive customization on the ClassLink side of things.

Thankfully, ClassLink has a very helpful support page that details the ins and outs of sharing rules. Head over to their support page here.

Once you have your sharing permissions set up, you can return to this support page to finish up the process!

Sync Your Data

Before performing the final steps of sync process, please review your data for accuracy.

Step 1:

Within ClassLink click Applications > Fathom Reads then hover over the box with an up arrow and click Run Sanity Check. This will display what info you are about to share with Fathom Reads.
- The number of students should match what the expected number of students.
- Ensure that only the correct classes have been shared.

Step 2:

After updating verifying that the shared data is correct, navigate to the roster and integrations page and click the ClassLink button. here you will need to enter the appropriate information into each field.

Tenant Name and ID:

Log into your ClassLink partner portal and select "Roster Server Tenants" in the top menu. Here you can get your tenant name and tenant ID number.

License Code:

This is the license code associated with your Fathom account.

Endpoint URL, client_id, and client_secret:

From the "Roster Server Tenants" page, find the tenant that you would like to sync. Under the Roster Server Details column click on "View Auth". This will show a pop up with the required information for these fields.

Classlink school ids (Orgs Sourced Id):

From the "Roster Server Tenants" page, click "View Roster" of the tenant that you are attempting to sync. Select "Orgs" from the left menu. From this screen you can select the Source ID of the orgs that you would like to sync with each ID separated by only a comma. Example: "01,1001,100023"

Nightly Sync:

This option enables a sync every night to pull over any changes from ClassLink to Fathom Reads. If you only want to do a one time data transfer, uncheck nightly sync. Otherwise, you can leave this option checked.

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