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Using Clever with Fathom Reads

If your school district uses Clever, you can easily integrate Clever with the Fathom Reads platform. After syning your Clever and Fathom Reads accounts, you will be able to easily import user information for staff, teachers and studentds, as well as class rosters. It is important that you begin the integration process at least two weeks before teachers and students need access to Fathom Reads.

Connecting Clever to Fathom Reads


Sceenshot of the overview process for clever integration.
The Clever integration process is broken up into three major parts:

1. Add the Fathom App from your Clever dashboard.
2. Set up Sharing Rights
3. Sync your data.

Setup within the Clever Dashboard

1. Ensure that your students, teachers, and classes are properly set up in your Clever account.

2. From your district admin account, navigate to your Clever dashboard and click Applications > Add Application from the left side bar.

3. Search for Fathom Reads (Rostering) and follow the promps to add Fathom Reads to your list of applications.

Sceenshot of the overview process for clever integration.

Set Up Sharing Rights

1. Navigate to the Fathom Reads application within your Clever dashboard and select Data sharing.

2. We reccomend selecting Share by Rules.

3. Ensure that you are using Guided Sharing. A 'section' in Clever will add a class in Fathom Reads.

4. Click Add this rule > Done editing > Save Sharing Rules > Yes.

5. In the Add Sections Rule, use the drop down menus to select classes, grades, or schools.

6. Click Add this Rule > Done editing > Save sharing rules > Yes.

Sceenshot of the overview process for clever integration.


The first time you sync, it is recommended that Fathom Reads look over the shared data to catch any potential issues. When you are ready to sync, reach out to Fathom Reads support to begin the verification process.

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