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A depth of understanding



  • Most books are dual language with English and Spanish.
  • Select titles may have one or more of the following additional languages: Arabic, Bahasa Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German, Haitian Creole (coming soon), Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Thai
  • Narrated by native speakers
Chinese (Mandarin)
Portuguese (Brazilian)
Indonesian (Bahasa)


A wide variety of reading levels and subject matter (Science, Math, Geography, Language Arts, & Social Studies) from these great publishers:

  • 12 Story Library
  • Amicus Publishing
  • Arbordale Publishing
  • Arte Público Press
  • Bearport Publishing
  • Core Knowledge
  • Eerdmans Books
  • Full Tilt Press
  • Jump!
  • Rourke Educational Media
  • Teacher Created Materials
  • Treasure Bay
  • And, more soon!
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Fathom ClassicsTM

  • Classic Books
    • Children's Literature
    • Middle Grade Classics
    • Classic Novels and Plays for Older Readers
  • Historical Documents
  • Famous Speeches

Click here for a complete list of titles.

Key Features


Switch Languages Instantly

Toggle between up to 10 languages


Word Highlighting

The entire text read aloud with 6 audio-synchronized highlighting options: none, word, fragment, fragment + word, sentence, and sentence + word.



Gain a better understanding of vocabulary and sentence structure using the bilingual option.


Audio Speed Control

Choose between 6 reading speeds. Great for slower beginning readers as well as a fun feature to push faster readers.


Video Record, Playback, & Share

Beginning readers and language learners of all ages practice by reading aloud and then playing back to hear themselves reading. Videos can be assigned and reviewed by reading and language teachers through our Assessment System. Or just share with friends and family across the internet and world.

Interactive Experience

Engaging activities for students to complete as they read, prompts that check students' understanding as they read, and embedded third-party videos and resources that deepen or extend understanding around domain content.

Assessment System

Student, teacher, and school dashboards


Create quizzes from validated questions in a shared database or create your own questions. Computer graded for multiple choice, matching, & check-all-that-apply. Teacher graded for essay and fill-in-the-blank.


Assign readings, video recording, and quizzes to multiple classes or individual students.


Grade student quizzes and provide detailed feedback. View quiz and question performance metrics by class, school, or across all licenses.

Integrated Messaging System

Send messages between students, teachers, and schools.

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1000+ books to choose from
Mulilingual books with up to 10 languages
Read-aloud audio with word highlighting
Record, playback & share feature
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