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Using Canvas with Fathom Reads

If your school uses Canvas, you can sync your Canvas account with your Fathom Reads account by following the instructions below:

Connecting Canvas to Fathom Reads

1. Ensure that your data is set up within your Canvas account.

2. As a school admin, navigate to your Fathom Dashboard.

3. Find the Third Party Integration module and select the Add Third Party Integration button.
Sceenshot of the third party integrations module on the Fathom Dashboard

4. A popup will appear. Select Canvas from the first drop down.

5. In the Domain Name field enter the Canvas URL of the school.

6. Next, enter your schools API/Client Key and API/Client Secret. You can visit this link to get more information on finding these two items within your Canvas Data Portal.

7. Select the Save button. You will now see the integration appear within the Third Party Integrations module. Before any syncing can be done, the school admin must click the Not Verified link and follow the verification instructions.

8. Once the connection has been verified, school admins and members of the school will be able to sync with their Canvas classroom!

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