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Using Canvas with Fathom Reads


If your school district uses Canvas, you can easily integrate Canvas with the Fathom Reads platform. After syncing your Canvas and Fathom Reads accounts, you will be able to easily import user information for teachers and students, as well as class rosters. It is important that you begin the integration process at least two weeks before teachers and students need access to Fathom Reads.

Setting Up Your Account With Canvas

To get you set up, we'll need an API key first. Your district admin will be able to retrieve this for us!:

1. On Canvas, go to Account -> Settings -> Approved Integrations.

Approved Integrations.

2. Click "+ new Access Token".

Approved Integrations.

3. In the purpose box, write "Fathom Rostering".

Approved Integrations.

4. Click "Generate Token"

Approved Integrations.

5. Copy the token and email it to

Canvas Account Setup for Teachers

1. Log into your Canvas account.

2. From Canvas Dashboard, select the course.

3. Click on Fathom Reads.

4. Arrive on Teacher Dashboard.

5. Your classes and students have been automatically added.

6. Click "Manage Students" to view your students. Click "Manage Classes" to view the classes in your account.

How Do Students Log In?

Students will log into Fathom Reads from their Canvas Dashboard.

Sync Your Data

Upon receiving your access token, the Fathom Support team will complete the final setup process and email you once finished.

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